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SDRSpirit Software Bits to RF Connecting Theory with RF Practice

SDR Spirit is a Software-defined radio control software which is developed by linear-amptech. The SDR Spirit controls the various transceiver chip evaluation modules for SDR boards. This software has the capability of the signal generator and signal analyzer; therefore, we can transmit the signals and received the signal using software and Radio. This software has a user-friendly GUI which works on windows based system. Students can test and analyze AM and FM radios by integrating basic concepts of electronics, electromagnetics, and signals and systems SDR. The software and offered manual will help understand the key components of wireless/wired digital data transmissions and the implementation of various digital modulations schemes. With our software’s help, the user can do aproof-of-concept for a targeted platform for advanced wireless research.

Hardware Board Supported

AD9361, AD9363, AD9364

OS Support

Windows Based

Signal File support

.mat, .csv

Signal Bandwidth Supported

Upto 56 MHz with the base of QAM signals.


Provide visualization of CCDF/PAPR of the transmitted and received signal.


Support error vector magnitude computation 

Constellation Plot

Display of Constellation of known signal


Support normalized mean square error computation 

Spectrum Plot

Plot of the spectrum of the transmitted and received signal

Delay Compensation

Has the capability of delay compensation between the transmitted and received signal.

Sampling Rate

Can Change the sampling rate of the SDR board.

Transmitter and Receiver Gain/Attenuation

Having the capability of changing the Transmitter and Receiver Gain/Attenuation

This software can be used remotely once setup in the respective laptop using a remote desktop application. Fig. shows the block diagram of the remote lab.