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RF-Power Amplifier Linearization solution

Wideband Analog Predistortion Solutions for Linearized Amplifiers

The analog predistortion (APD) is a compact solution for RF high power amplifier and Traveling wave tube linearization. The APD is easier to integrate inthe base station, repeaters due to the advantage of simplecircuitry, as well as when bandwidth increases the APD has an advantage over DPD in terms of cost and power overhead. Therefore, these features make it a suitable candidate for upcoming 5G communication and satellite communication.

Digital Predistortion based Linearized Transmitters

We have developed and deployed a distortion correction algorithm for RF High power amplifiers (SSPA/TWTA). This predistortion method requires the baseband access of the I/Q signals for modeling and distortion correction. This method’s advantage lies in terms of no extra hardware required at the user end; the performance can be achieved by just modifying the baseband algorithm that can be incorporated at the user end. Our method works upto 100 MHz bandwidth and distortion reduction >20 dB. Moreover, we have also achieved good performance in multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) DPD transmitters.This IP is available for licensing, Transfer of Technology, implementation  

    • Adaptive to environmental changes.
    • Adaptive to all types of baseband signals.
    • It can be used for different PAs at operating at different power and Carrier Frequency.
    • High speed for PA & system modeling and applying DPD.

PA Characteristics 

10 W gallium nitride (GaN) based harmonically tunedcontinuous mode Class-F PA.

Signal Type: LTE (64-QAM)


PA only



LTE 20 MHz

LTE 20 MHz


7.75 %

2.78 %


29 dBm

29 dBm