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Communication system research and development

System characterization:
Impact of coding, different modulation and spectrum efficient techniques.

Green Communication design
Link budget calculation for green networking

Digital solution for MIMO and multiband communication

Industry Training

1. RF Fundamentals, Concepts Components
2. RF design theory and application including antenna design, Low Noise Amplifier.
3. Power amplifier design for wireless communication.
4. Training of GaN MMIC design
5. Transmitter, receiver architecture of communication systems.
6. Baseband processing for software defined radio.

Facilities @IITR

Vector signal generator (upto 6 GHz), Vector signal analyzer (upto 26 GHz), Vector network analyzer (26 GHz)

Vector signal analyzer

Vector network analyzer

RF Power amplifier characterization setup

Modern Soldering unit

multiband communication setup

GAN based Monolithic microwave integrated circuit design