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RF Power Amplifiers design

Linear Amptech provides excellent indigenous power amplifier solution for Cellular application and variety of military and space applications. We provide vast range of high performance power amplifiers with frequency coverage from Dc to 18 GHz. Linear Amptech PAs includes variety of power levels with high efficiency and high gain performance. Linear Amptech also supports low cost customize solution with indigenously developed PAs.

Key Features
  • Compact design with RF-in RF-out port
  • D-type connector for DC supply
  • Highly durable product
  • Highly reliable with inbuilt protection circuit against temperature variation
  • Inbuilt Sequential biasing circuit
  1. Base station
  2. Point to point radio
  3. Military and commercial radar
  4. Electronic warfare and radar
  5. Satellite Communication

A. Power Amplifiers for Wireless Transmitters

In recent wireless communication, the bandwidth and efficiency enhancement of power amplifiers are important for handling signals complying 4G and 5G communication standards. These signals have very high crest factor and requires high efficiency power amplifiers while operating at average power such as Doherty power amplifier.

B. High Efficiency Switch Mode Power Amplifiers (for L, S, C bands)

Engineers always look for high power added efficiency and drain efficiency in their designs. For achieving high efficiency at saturation, switched mode and harmonically controlled PAs are suitable such as Class E, Class F, Class D etc.

C. High Frequency GaN based Power Amplifiers (X and Ku band)

Power amplifiers at X and Ku-band have been widely used in applications such as phase array T/R modules for radars and VSAT (very small aperture terminal) for satellite communication.

D. Waveform Engineering based Broadband Power Amplifiers

Continuous class of power amplifiers (such as continuous class F, continuous class B/J) provides the wide bandwidth as well as high efficiency operation. These classes are based on waveform engineering approach, which requires precise control of harmonics to shape the output current, and voltage waveform for minimum power dissipation across the device.

E. Multi-band/Broadband Power Amplifiers for Wireless Base Station

Doherty power amplifier and Chireixoutphasing based multiband/broadband transmitters can efficiently handle signals with high peak to average power ratio. There is huge potential for extending the bandwidth and operating range of such system for upcoming 5G application.